Latest Trail Conditions

Grooming update:  All trails were groomed yesterday, and, overall, are in good condition.  Conditions are packed powder, though, with today's bright sunshine and skier traffic, tracks will become glazed in some areas.  The combination of deep powder, bare, frozen ground, and patches of ice from earlier in the winter made for very difficult grooming conditions.  Many trails in the vicinity of the fire station trail head have been re-groomed today, with great improvement in quality of the tracks.  More-remote trails may not be re-groomed today.  A note of CAUTION: In a couple places, the groomer encountered ice under the new powder, and the tracks simply slid, leaving rough and somewhat dangerous conditions.  Most notably are the screaming downhill through the woods on Zippideedoda and the lower plunge down Howe's This?!.  Both have a section that is very rough and/or rutted.  Please be careful!


This weekend's weather forecast is very good for late-winter skiing.  We hope you can get out there and enjoy it.

Last Updated (Friday, 17 March 2017 12:42)